2018-11-18 (Su) Magnet Fish Spectacular

Cutting the bowls to make fish with a Dremel was slow work prone to lots of slips and a recipe for injury. On a test bowl, I tried cutting the plastic with a jigsaw at full speed, and it worked perfectly well so long as the saw shoe stayed in contact with the bowl at all times. The original blue bowl was used as a template to mark all the other blue bowls so they could be cut.

Bowl remnants

Once the bowls were shaped, they were all given holes at the edges for affixing hinges. These holes, like the shape, was copied from the original bowl as closely as possible. The holes were drilled with an electric hand drill.

Modified bowls
  • Clide, it's like Clyde with one 'I' (eye) is a cyclops who makes watches as a jeweler.
  • Henry has six kids who all live at home, and he's supremely stressed out.
  • Gus is from East Europe and refuses to shave his unibrow because it reminds him of his mother.
  • Peter plays video games and probably needs glasses because he squints all the time.
  • Rufus wears his glasses but does his own repairs on them.
  • Margaret just finished her masters in business analysis and vacations with her family in Bermuda.
  • Lord Scenturio is a frog god with weather magic and mad SkeeBall skills.
  • Portia likes planning parties and karaoke, but she doesn't like drinking beer. She does like wearing pink.

Personality laden fish

Fish in the "pool"

RFID equipped fish

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