2018-11-26 (M) ModuKey

The first half of the keyboard was assembled so it was time for the second half to get started. ICs and resistors had already been installed and the adddress stickers were applied but the solder bridges had not been added to give the boards their unique addresses. Even after the addresses were assigned, the stickers were kept on for clarity.

Boards with addresses

By far, the biggest task was joining the two 4x4 boards at the center. This was a big deal for two reasons. The first reason was that the pins on one side of the 4x4 boards had known discrepencies and had to be wired in a way that did not match their labels. The second reason was that they were simply large boards and keeping them together, and tidy, was difficult. Still, it was done.

Connected PCBs

After the 4x4 boards were connected, and provisionally installed on the wooden board, a 2x2 board was added. This one also had an IC expander which could handle eight more IO so the daughter board to this would be wired next.

2x4 PCB connected

Another 2x2 board was added, but this one did not have room for an IO expander IC, it only had mounting holes and breakout pins. Five wires were run from this board to the mother board mentioned in the previous step. This required five wires, one for each switch and one ground wire.

Right half of keyboard

ModuKey on GitHub

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