2018-11-27 (Tu) ModuKey

A 1x4 board had been installed on the top of the wooden platform, but it was problematic. This same board was problematic on the first half of the keyboard, and I assumed it was a soldering issue with the IC. Two days were spent tracking down the issue with the board, which would only operate when pushed just right by a bare finger. This was assumed to be the soldering issue. In truth, the RESET pin was floating, and my finger caused it to hold high long enough to talk back to the computer. I don't know if the first board will be reliable enough to remain in use or if it will have to be replaced.

Seemed like a good soldering job

After desoldering, resoldering, using an iron, using hot air, and repeating the process a few times, the chip and board were in rough shape. The board had scorch marks, the solder was dull instead of shiny, and it still did not work. I made notes to fix these problems in the next round of circuit boards only to find that I had solved the problem months ago and forgotten. I keep notes of what I do, mostly in the form of this blog, but I still forgot and lost two days because I didn't review the notes to find out that I was repeating my old mistakes.

Scorched PCB and chip

ModuKey on GitHub

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