2018-12-18 (Tu) ModuKey - Cleaning Episodes

The second to last step of cleaning the office was the computer desk. Yesterday the standing desk was upgraded, but the most significant part of the mess was on the folding table which was effectively a desk. Years of clutter afflicted it as much as any other part of the office. This was not done earlier in the cleaning phase in the hope that places for some of the things, like "USB Devices" would have empty bins waiting for some of the parts on the desk like loose computer mice. This was true.

Desk of a slacker

Working on the desk was particularly annoying because of all the wires snaking through everything on it. Cleaning it was frustrating for the same reason. Nevertheless, the only things remaining belonged there. Enough space was cleared that another computer was added. My Mac Mini found a home after being unplugged for half of a year. Now the desks house the three major OSes.

Suitable for hacking. Again

ModuKey on GitHub

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