2019-01-24 (Th) ModuKey

Since the last time ModuKey software was installed, Arduino had been updated a few revs, my local copy had been updated and moved from an HDD to an SSD than to a microSD card, and Teensy software had to be reinstalled. I thought my code would be broken before it was tested because, on top of all these potentially damaging factors, I had input so many new snippets which hinged on many things being aligned, like releasing keys after they were pressed or allowing a sequence of keys to run unchecked. There were some of these problems, and only a few keys were tested, but the code was successfully uploaded. Enough of the keys were functional to type the phrase, "The quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown dog" which can be seen in the picture below. The capital "T" was typed correctly but a period was not made with the keyboard.

Beginning of a functional keyboard

ModuKey on GitHub

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