2019-01-27 (Su) ModuKey

Debugging on Lazy Brown Dog began in earnest. The keys for changing layers were not in the desired place on the drawing, so they were replaced in software to operate in the way I would expect to use the buttons. The schematic was redlined to show the changes too. Since these buttons will perform the same way in all modes, some of the complex switch() statements were removed, so they do not question which keyboard mode (layer) is active.

Another reason the layer changing was not acting as expected was that I numbered them incorrectly. In the beginning they were zero-justified, but that was forgotten, so the keyboard was skipping desired layers. I found this out when I tried to activate the keypad mode, but I got inconsistent numbers when I should have been getting "5" every time the button was pressed. This was especially concerning since the result was different each time. When I reviewed the layers, I remembered that I had put a psuedo-random number generator into the keyboard so that different dice rolls could be spat out anytime I wanted. This explained the inconsistent numbers being typed. The random() function was also repaired in the code by adding 1 to the second digit otherwise a D6 would never roll higher than a 5 and a D4 would never roll higher than a 3, etcetera.

Results of die rolling, D6

ModuKey on GitHub

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