2019-02-03 (Su) ModuKey

There are two onboard piezo elements connected to different output pins. One of the elements is smaller than the other, but neither was as loud as I had hoped so only the large one is being used for the time being. It may be necessary to connect a speaker for louder sound or maybe a mechanical relay to use something that makes a genuine clicking sound as it operates. A tiny 3V solenoid might be fun to play with.

A handful of sound effect schemes had been devised months ago, and that list was trimmed down into the most accomplishable ideas. The most obvious was the mute function which turns off any tones being generated. The next was a playful, yet simple task where pseudo-random notes are gathered from a pentatonic scale each time a key is pressed. The tone is held for 100milliseconds. A second routine was quickly added where the sound is maintained until a button is released. A recording was made of the 100mS program.

0:27 video to demonstrate pseudo-random notes

ModuKey on GitHub

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