2019-02-04 (M) ModuKey

One of the biggest reasons for adding piezo elements to ModuKey was to add a clicking noise while typing. This was meant to replace clicky keyswitches, but it could be muted with a physical switch or a combination of existing keys. No matter how it was coded, there was not enough sound produced from a single power cycle to the piezo elements.

To create a consistent sound when keys were pressed, the loudest frequency, at least in my hearing range, was approximated and a sound mode was programmed which emitted a short tone whenever a key was pressed. The sound would stop whenever any key was released. A second mode was written which sustained the tone when a key was pressed and stopped the tone whenever a key was released. Both modes are demonstrated in the twenty-three-second video below.

ModuKey tone demonstration (0:23)

The default sound style was pseudo-random notes but this was switched to silent.

ModuKey on GitHub

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