2019-02-22 (F) Weekly Summary

Nerve repair is tricky and essential and finding new ways to do it well is vital. A couple of years ago, it was shown that an electrical pulse on a damaged nerve can aid regeneration. Researchers wanted to provide that electricity without repeated surgery, so they are testing implantable coils which harvest power from an external source and deliver it to the damaged area. After a couple of weeks, the coils dissolve harmlessly into the body.

The reaction to this article was a pleasant surprise. Folks were eager to discuss the logistics and advantages to drone delivery without a ton of focus on the ethics. The ethics are important, but this was about the technical side.

Years ago, I built myself a teleprompter for scripting my longboarding videos. It was nice to look at the camera and read my own dialog, then quickly edit it for another take. I wanted that kind of interface for the Two Cyborgs podcast so I could make eye contact with the camera when we recorded video during the live broadcast. It was also a chance to get into the hackspace again.

Plans for a collapsible teleprompter

The build was straight-forward despite setbacks. After significant planning, a working teleprompter was built that was lightweight, collapsible and functional. The pictures below were taken at the same time. The one is of me taken from inside the teleprompter with my phone. The second photo is the 2 Cyborgs logo that was taken with my camera and shows the live view on my watch.

Simultaneous teleprompter pics from both sides of the reflector

It took a second day and new material to make the tripod mount hardware for the teleprompter. On the first try, the metal used for the mount was too hard and snapped my taps, so softer metal was purchased and worked well. Unfortunately, the cheap tripod shown in the picture makes it sit off level.

Tripod mount working with a cell phone

The completed teleprompter worked well but added some length to the whole contraption. Notes for an improved version were kept but it is fully functional and already used for one episode of 2 Cyborgs and a Microphone.

A rather cumbersome handle

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