2019-03-08 (F) Weekly Summary

This week started a new project called Electronic Wind Chimes or EWC. I wrote a nice intro on the first page, but the short version is that I want to build my own MIDI sequencer to learn about music.

Concept page for EWC

The build started with an assortment of potentiometers and buttons mounted in a plastic enclosure. Everything was based on an Arduino Mini Pro. These controllers did not natively support MIDI over USB, and the only hardware serial port was used by the MIDI channel, so online debugging was not possible with the regular serial terminal and Serial.print() statements.

Operators mounted in cover

Once the operators were installed, they were wired directly to the Arduino. A power connector was added in the form of a micro USB socket so power cords would be easy to find.

Operator all wired up

Initial programming resulted in MIDI signals being sent successfully. A MIDI sound module was purchased for this project. A sound module receives MIDI signals and generates the appropriate instrument sounds.

Receiving MIDI signal

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