2019-03-11 (M) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC

Prandom (pseudo-random) notes are going to be my tool for learning about music, because I should not have any bias toward liking, or disliking, a song I already know. From here, it may be possible to change different characteristics to hear the effect immediately. This is the hypothesis. One such characteristic would be tempo, and in the case of the program, this is the delay between the notes.

The first experiment was to make the tempo play a little faster when higher notes were used. For now, a hard-coded variable was used, the number of the MIDI note was subtracted from 300mS, so higher notes subtract more from the time delay (300mS - MIDInote). For the time being, this will work, but it is the sort of thing that will be experimented with in the future by utilizing a potentiometer to immediately hear the effect of the adjustment.

Different scales were programmed and accessed by pressing a button which cycled through them. Initially, the device would only bounce around on a minor pentatonic scale. This button allowed for a selection of all the types of pentatonic scales listed on the Wikipedia page. My ear was not educated enough to detect a difference in the style, valuable information, so I added a feature where the EWC would boot into a scale with only a single note, and until I pressed the button, it would play middle-C over and over. Pressing the button scrolled through the different scales and returned to repeating the same note, so I knew it was working.

(0:41) Startup and scale selection

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