2019-03-12 (Tu) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC

Until now, the limits of how high or low the notes could go was hard-coded to a couple of numbers that did not hurt my ears but I do not hear high frequencies well, and the limits were never meant to be immutable.

In the first revision, the limits were set by trial-and-error, and they were just a couple of integers for the minimum note and the maximum note, called upperThreshold and lowerThreshold. It would have been easy to adjust those numbers with a couple of potentiometers, but for maximum flexibility, there would have to be some way of keeping them from overlapping. Instead of controlling both numbers, only the lower limit would be set by a potentiometer and a second potentiometer would control how large of a range would be possible.

Another way to think of lower-limit-and-range was that the lowest tone was set by a potentiometer and the number of notes above that was determined with another potentiometer. On the face of the device, these were labeled "LOWER LIMIT" and "RANGE." After some number crunching, it is still lowerThreshold and upperThreshold that are changed.

(0:41) Demonstration of LOWER LIMIT and RANGE

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