2019-03-21 (Th) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC

After yesterday's planning and building, a single usable board was produced. It should have been easy to reproduce it a few times and make enough for every module but there were easy improvements, and it made sense to keep using more of the inexpensive prototyping boards to iterate through enhancements. On the left is the first module, and it is easy to see a small 220Ω resistor stretched across the right side. In the next iteration, second, of the left, that resistor has been moved to a spot next to the bank of 10KΩ resistors. The third board has the most critical feature, power rails running along the left side and top of the board which was possible after moving the LCD connector down two rows. These features were all repeated in the narrow board which was intended for the main control module. Both of the first modules were usable, but it may be better to just copy the third board for the rest of the modules and keep the old ones as spares.

Module boards arranged by iteration

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