2019-03-25 (M) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC

One significant change from the first version of this project would be the addition of screens. Debugging the first version, without even a serial terminal, was difficult. Visuals should also help with the approachability of the device. Another advantage was learning if it was possible to chain multiple displays together without taking different pins for every single data line. Typically, a 1602 screen takes six wires, but one of those wires is ENABLE, so long as that pin stays low, shared data lines will be ignored while the active screen receives information.
Screens mounted on the plastic sheet

The screens were mounted with #6 sheet metal screws, and there was some delamination as the screw threads bit into the PCB. None of the surface traces should have been affected. There were no spacers between the screens and the plastic so dust could be trapped.
Close-up of mounting screw and delamination

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