2019-03-26 (Tu) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC

In many projects shown here, wires were salvaged from commercial cables which means lots of colors from each bundle. Many colors are bad news when a lot of wire with only a couple of colors is needed, but when a project has a lot of connections, it is excellent news. A 9-pair cable was selected for this project which had twisted pairs of wires, and one was usually black. The colors were written next to the function of each wire.
Color designations

Each of the prototyping circuit boards had the exact number of necessary rows with extra holes for future or auxiliary use. By following the color pattern, it was a matter of adding wires at the correct row and bridging wires to the right points.
Wiring from a module

Five of the modules were identical, and it was possible to copy the pattern, but it was still necessary to make sure the wires all pointed toward the controller where they will be landed. Pieces of labeled tape helped identify the modules.
Wires from all modules

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