2019-03-29 (F) Weekly Summary

This week started with a new implant. This time was an xEM from Dangerous Things which sponsors Two Cyborgs and a Microphone. The plan is to clone my work badge to my right hand, so I don't have to worry about locking myself out at work. Making the duplicate will involve copying an HID card to an ATA5577 chip which I have only heard is possible. We will see.
Freshly implanted hand

In the Electronic Wind Chimes project, the junction boards were designed and redesigned until they reached a state where they were similar enough to one another and functional. Two were unused but kept as spares which have a different configuration but are still usable.
Assembled junction boards

The LCD screens would be the focal point of each module, and the junction boards were mounted to the back of them. Screens were the second most noticeable change from the first version after the sheer size. Mounting them behind clear plastic meant that no square holes had to be cut and they would be protected. Using #6 screws did do a little damage to the fiberglass though.
Mounted LCD screens

The junction boards would have two sets of wires. The first set went from the controller, where the cables all criss-cross in the picture and needed eight pairs of wires. The second set will go to the operators, like buttons, switches, and potentiometers.
Wires from junction boards

Before wires to the operators could be cut, the operators needed to be mounted so the lengths could be measured. The potentiometers each needed a new hole drilled for the anti-rotation peg which was a small hole to the side of the central hole. A large enough knob will hide this second hole but since it is going into clear plastic, it may not matter. Each operator had a thin nut to hold it in place, and a hollow-shaft nut driver set made short work of everything.
Mounted operators

Operators for the main module were wired. This module is unique from the other modules because it has two more potentiometers but two fewer buttons. The MIDI ports also go through this junction board. The MIDI out was wired since the MIDI input requires more hardware and I have not made that circuit before.
Control module wired up

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