2019-04-03 (W) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC

IO on a secondary module had not been tested before yesterday, and the problems were worrisome. The design had been copied four more times so issues could have been replicated through those as well. Diagnosing the messes this time around was important and learning the mistakes was important so they could be avoided in the rest of the project.

Misreadings on the potentiometers were caused by a missing solder bridge between a short wire and a jumper that was supposed to give it a ground connection. These separated wires can be seen in the picture below on row "S." Bonding between the points fixed the problem, and reliable analog readings were possible.
Missing solder bridge on row "S"

One switch was wired backward, so the controller registered it as constantly being pressed unless it actually was. Wires on the bottom of the switch were swapped, so it behaved like the functioning switch.
Reversed pushbutton contacts

Neither of the toggle switches showed any outputs. Each switch had two connections, for a total of four and all were down. At first this seemed like a big problem, but it was due to one missing connection between the common wire and ground which had not been adequately soldered on the board. It can be seen on the far right in the photo on the third via from the top. Reinforcing this solder joint allowed the switches to work fully.
Missing solder on the ground wire

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