2019-04-18 (Th) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC

A function was written that would write the same message to every screen. Writing to all screens will not happen frequently, but it taught me how to pass a couple of strings to a function. At startup, the screens all diplay"24HourEngineer" and the software revision. This message also went to the serial monitor.
Displaying the same message on all screens

Monitoring an input with a screen is easy, just keep reading and writing the result. This works with analog and digital.
With multiple discrete inputs, just update the screen on a rising or falling edge.
It gets tricky with analog because stray EM can cause erroneous readings so not every change is deliberate. In this case, a jitter factor was added which would not recognize analog inputs unless it had changed a significant amount. This made it possible to change variables via a potentiometer and still share the screen with discrete switches.
(0:48) Analog and Discrete on One Screen

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