2019-05-07 (Tu) Little Drummer Bot LittleDB

This project was started to provide a simple tool, but there was a little bit of innovation where a single piezo element was used to sense pressure for multiple inputs. As far as I know, most drums monitor all the analog inputs, and when a spike is detected, that counts as a reason to start playing a note. In this method, a capacitive switch starts the note, and the analog reading from the piezo element is the velocity.

Another way to think of this was that there was a single piezo element reading how hard a plate was struck but the capacitive buttons told where it was hit, and that decided which instrument to play. Either way, it worked, and eight instruments were played from a single analog input with appropriate velocity. Sorry for all the static in the video. I really should connect a mixer to the video recorder.
(0:23) Testing buttons and velocity

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