2019-05-19 (Su) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC

Now that MIDI could be reliably received by connecting directly to the receiving pin, it was necessary to replace the optocoupler board. This was installed with screw terminals which was good news for a couple of reasons. It would be easy to take out, a replacement could be built while the old one was in place, and the defunct board could be upgraded with better optocouplers and swapped back.
Top view

The new boards had all the old connections for two MIDI inputs, Vcc, 0V, and output. Not all the pins were necessary, but it wouldn't hurt to connect them. The incoming signal was wired directly to the outgoing terminals, and a pull-up resistor was added for good measure.
Bottom view

Swapping the board took a couple of minutes. This time, a layer of electrical tape was added to the bottom of the board to prevent electrical shorts. For some reason, I missed this on the last board.
New MIDI IN module

After reassembly, everything was tested, and the data looked correct and reliable. All eight notes on the drum machine were tested, and each time, they came through on channel 10 with a different note designation. The last column was velocity, but the notes were playing live, so they were not consistent.
Receiving reliable data

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