2019-05-27 (M) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC

Not too long ago, a coworker was telling me about the importance of silence in music. I couldn't wrap my head around what he was saying until today. Until now, generated notes always played at the same rate with the same amount of time between them, and I was all right with that because I didn't know better. Today, that was fixed.

Enough background

After programming a module to periodically play every nth note, I wanted to play them at prandom. The scheme was to assign a percent chance that a note would be performed whenever the controller generated a new one. For example; when a guitar-playing module was set at 10%, and the controller decided middle-C (0x60) there would be a 10% chance of a guitar sounding like middle-C. The same would be true for 20%, 30%, all the way up to ninety percent. 100% was the same as playing every single note, so that was left out.
(0:65) Prandom notes and tempo

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