2019-05-28 (Tu) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC

Today was about bug killing. A list of small bugs, inconveniences, and nice-to-haves collected during this project, and it was time to rectify them. Originally, today was supposed to be when the rest of the instrument modules were populated with the same code as module one. To date, all the demonstrations featured one instrument, usually piano, playing by itself or over a drum beat. When the rest of the modules are coded, mistakes will be copied into all five.

Bug 1: The reset command will reset all module's pitch offset, play period, and chords. These variables all have a lot of clicking through with a toggle switch or pushbutton, so getting them back to the starting point is a good idea. Potentiometers could not be reset this way since they need to move physically. The instrument variable was not reset.
Bug 2: When starting, the system would act like it received incoming MIDI data and ignore the potentiometer so anytime the drum machine was not connected, everything was on hold until it timed out after ten seconds.
Bug 3: Another tempo issue was when MIDI was received, it was limited to 1/8 speed up to 8x speed, but after adding the 10% to 90% chance to play a note, it made more sense to allow the tempo to play 1/10 rate to 10x.
Bug 4: The pitch offset in the instrument module allowed natural numbers from 0 to 127. The idea was that the lower limit set by the central controller was absolute so nothing could be lower, but that seemed unnecessarily restrictive. The limits changed to go from -115 to 115.
Bug 5: The time offset in the module code had been removed or ignored. Testing this earlier suggested as much but sensing the millisecond difference didn't seem feasible. After looking at the algorithm, it was obvious, and the fix was easy to hear, especially at a low tempo.

Bug list on scratch paper

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