2019-06-01 (Sa) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC

When compiling my code, I got an error every time because I was running low on memory. I already knew it was due to the table of characters used to store the instrument names. This was going to cause memory issues soon if it hadn't already.
Memory error when compiling

Arduino provided a way to store data in the non-volatile memory, but it was more cumbersome than the typical method of using the precious SRAM. I tried to simply cram my two-dimension array into program memory, but I had to follow the example for making an array of strings.

After buckling down and following the directions, the compile warning went away.
Happy compile screen

The code at the top of the program went from lengthy to tedious. The longest table in the file was doubled, but its effect on the memory was abolished.

End of one list and start of the next

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