2019-06-04 (Tu) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC

While looking for information on random number generation in microcontrollers, I found the Entropy library on Hackaday. Generating random numbers rather than Arduino's stock random() function probably won't create any better music, but something is more satisfying to say random instead of pseudo-random or prandom.

Adding the Entropy library did not use much microcontroller storage, two percent more, but the drain on the processor was noticeable. Generating the random numbers required a bit of time to pass for the clock jitter to become evident and spit out those unpredictable digits. Generating a new random number for each note capped the tempo at 112BPM, which is slow compared to many examples already recorded.

Three solutions were enabled to leverage the power of the Entropy library and the speed of Arduino's random() function. First, the randomseed() function was seeded with an Entropic number when the program started. Second, when the reset command was issued, randomseed() was reseeded with another value. Thirdly, for anyone who wants to hear random notes generated on-the-fly, the reset() will toggle between regular operation and a mode where the tempo is capped at 112BPM, but the notes are all entropic.

The video below demonstrated the prandom numbers generated at 300BPM with no hesitation, then switching to the random mode where the tempo dropped to less than 60. Finally, the speed was increased to the max and up to 112BPM of random notes.
(0:25) Prandom high speed to random low speed

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