2019-06-19 (F) Weekly Summary

Some circuits made without protoboard, or a full-fledged circuit board look awful and can only be functional. This project was functional, matched a known layout, and was attractive. Commentors felt like calling the project a deadbug circuit was underselling it, which made me happy.

The Electronic Wind Chimes project wrapped up. It had been going for four months, but another iteration could pop up in the future. I spent a day writing a script for the narration, and every sentence has wordplay in it. I spent another day recording the script and editing. The third day I recorded audio and video to go with the narration which I mixed with Audacity and added it to the video with VLC.
(2:25) EWC narrated presentation

During the Electronic Wind Chime project, a couple of other projects popped up like the Little Drummer Bot, and I spent a couple of days toying with a tiny version of the prandom MIDI generator that ran on an Arduino Micro Pro. The first day, I made the code spit out MIDI with hard-coded settings.
(0:30) Video demonstration with WebSynths

On the second day of playing with the Arduino Pro Micro, I added a few hardware controls and a case to make it portable. I am proud of this little toy, which I took to work a few times to generate background music during the day.
(0:53) EWC_Pocket demonstration

I have wanted to make kombucha for years. Combine my weak sense of taste with a super-basic biology experiment, and you have a recipe I can follow. The motivation to start came after a talk at Grindfest five, where a presenter talked about making kombucha to harvest the scoby and turn it into vegan leather. His wallet, which I got to handle, was pretty convincing but his willingness to answer all my novice questions cinched the deal.
Kombucha home brewing setup

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