2019-07-07 (Su) PillarGame

Holes through the PVC passed wires from the inside where they were soldered to the copper rings. The bare ends were hooked, so they would not snag on the foam brush and welded at the arc. The black wire would be nearest the floor while running since it made sense to keep the common/ground wire lower than the hot red wire.
Power conductors connected to slip rings

A 12V LED strip and controller were connected to prove that power could be delivered through the copper rings and brushes. These LEDs were not intended to be part of the project, they were just there to provide a visual indicator.
Test LED strip and controller

The PVC pipe was replaced, so the cylinder was complete. An animated image was recorded to show the pipe changing colors and rotating. If the power were inconsistent, the lights would have flickered between off and red.
Rotating cylinder with flashing lights

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