2019-07-20 (Sa) PillarGame

I thought maybe the trouble was my Windows machines so I booted up a Raspberry Pi 0 W from a card which already had the Raspbian operating system. Since it was an old install, updates took their sweet time. The computer had no trouble connecting wirelessly to the module but the computer claimed there was nothing it could do with it. There were instructions online for turning a Bluetooth connection into a serial port, but the success rate was the same as the PC; zero.
Dire warnings

Some instructions hinted that a serial port could be established, or approximated, in Python. This seemed like a great option since the final code would be Python and certainly my experimental code would be Python. The example posted online seemed to be missing, possibly swallowed by HTML formatting or just copy-pasted incorrectly. Snippets were copied to try using the vital bits but that also failed to compile.
Unusable Python code

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