2019-07-21 (Su) PillarGame

After more research, it seemed that the most practical solution was to use two Bluetooth modules talking to one another. Wireless UART communication was reportedly the purpose behind creating the protocol. The key to establishing a connection was behind AT commands, and getting the modules into a mode where they would accept them was a sordid affair. The first module to receive them was the one I soldered myself, and coincidentally, thought I overdid it with the solder. The biggest trick was to ignore all wireless connections and connect through a USB↔serial converter immediately upon startup.
AT commands working on the soldered module

The second module to work was the one ordered for this project. Strangely, the Tinysine module had no luck even though I found its specific page. I have been withholding links for these projects since many of them have been dead ends and I only want to wait to point folks to useful links. Even though I was able to get the modules responding to AT commands, not all of them worked since I may have been sending commands for a different module. They look similar, and the commands are not universal. One reliable source, and a well-written site has been from Martyn Currey.

AT commands on the purchased module

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