2019-07-25 (Th) PillarGame

The first thing to do upon startup would be for the controller inside the cylinder to make sure a Bluetooth module was connected. When the radios are talking to one another, they will pass any data directly to their counterpart without parsing it, but when they are awaiting a connection, they will accept AT commands and reply autonomously. The most basic is "AT" to which the chip will respond, "OK" and this sketch checks for that response on a SoftwareSerial port. When the programming is completed, the program will point back at the hardware serial port, but that would make programming difficult in the meantime.
Module connection status LED

Establishing a connection happened via another Bluetooth module, and that half is still being done manually. The peripheral module was getting programming first since it should be simpler. The serial feedback showed that the controller asked the module if it was there, received a suitable answer, and considered itself connected, which was all true. Then, the other module connected remotely and displayed a textual message on the serial port.
Screenshot of communication

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