2019-07-29 (M) PillarGame

Coding for the peripheral module was coming to a close. It should remain simple since the game processing will be taking place off this controller and it only needs to be an intermediary between the bluetooth module and addressable LEDs. A lot of code was commented out and subsequently removed during this clense. At the same time, comments were added for distribution later. A response will be sent when the Bluetooth module connects so the other side will know it is talking. This has become a custom protocol.
Code and debugging terminal

Unreliable power is a constant threat to this part of the project but if the controller stays powered and the lights lose power, they will stay off until they get a new command. If the controller stored the current color for each LED, it could periodically refresh all the LEDs to compensate for this. The limited memory was a barrier since it required more than 200% of the working memory. It may be possible to store the numbers in flash memory or store them in an abbreviated format. The shortened format would be the same as I used in the Color-Touch where a single number 0-767 defines a unique color but the color cannot be dimmed or lightened.
Out of memory

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