2019-08-01 (Th) PillarGame

I reasoned that the problem with the controller's memory issue was that the NeoPixel library did not explicitly claim the memory or the compiler did not recognize that memory was spoken for until it had a calculation performed on it. In either case, the Atmega328P was not able to work with more than 450 addressable LEDs and the Adafruit NeoPixel library.

My local computer store carries the popular Adafruit items, so I purchased an M0 Feather Bluefruit LE board. I originally planned to buy the M0 version with no Bluetooth, but it seemed convenient to have the wireless built-in for a few more dollars. Either way, the Feather line of boards comes with battery charging and online support. The M0 controller also has loads more memory than the Atmega328P.

The onboard Bluetooth module would not pair up with the modules I was using but the features I saw while experimenting prompted me to keep the board and purchase the version without wireless. Perhaps some more research would have made the board useful for this project, but the wireless communication has already taken so long that it is frustrating, although an excellent learning experience.
Two controllers in one day

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