2019-08-09 (F) Weekly Summary

An uninterruptible power supply powered by supercapacitors seemed like a neat idea, but if someone told me it was a thing, I would have assumed it would be a complex machine, but there was nothing more exotic than the capacitors and some standard passive components.

The Bellowphone man, Len, does some videos about how he makes instrument parts, and this one was about fipples, which is a fun word and a real device. This worked toward a performance on his Bottle Organ.

Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle when you're trying to make the simplest thing. In this case, someone wants to make preserved lemons, which is just sliced lemons, salt, and time. The host, Uri, made nearly all the tools necessary including a cutting board, knife, and an airtight box for the aging.

I bought a new controller for the remote portion of the PillarGame, but it needed to be outfitted with the same LEDs, headers, and Bluetooth module. This new controller had enough memory to handle 900 lights. The code had to be migrated, but this turned out to be a straightforward process.
Controlling LEDs through Bluetooth

Most of the work on the peripheral device was finished for the moment, so my attention moved to the base. This side needed programming to find the desired module and connect with it reliably. Programming was mostly a matter of replicating what I had been typing by hand for a couple of weeks and went smoothly.
Automatic pairing

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