2019-08-10 (Sa) PillarGame

Inexpensive Bluetooth modules from eBay arrived earlier than expected. They used Bluetooth classic technology, but energy consumption was not an issue with this project, so they were plugged in. So long as the AT commands were the same as the previous modules, they should have been able to replace the earlier models without any trouble, but this was not the case. Upon inspection, the devices were not identical, and their AT+HELP menu was different. They were both counterfeit, which I expected, but one would not even reply, as though it refused to rely on transmissions. This was all surprising since I ordered them from a single seller.
Dissimilar modules

I hoped that these classic models would offer an automatic connection option or a way to connect by a programmed MAC address. No luck. These were a time-gamble, and I lost, but it was worth the risk.
Pair of Bluetooth classic modules with MAC labels

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