2019-08-14 (W) PillarGame

The function to turn off all the LEDs was significantly slowed by calling the .show() command between each iteration. This worked fine when slowly turning off each LED one at a time for effect. It was nearly instantaneous once streamlined, and there was no need to deactivate the onboard amber LED.

Protocol changes made it possible to change the LEDs to any color, including white, over Bluetooth. Before, the lights could only change to a full-brightness pure color mix of two different LEDs. Now, the lights can be called based on their strip, High, Middle, and Low, followed by three, three-digit number including leading zeroes. This should be revised to use commas instead of zeroes, so it emulates the Adafruit library.
Indiviual LEDs can be controlled by
    h nnn rrr ggg bbb
    m nnn rrr ggg bbb
    l nnn rrr ggg bbb
Screenshot of code and feedback

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