2019-08-17 (Sa) PillarGame

Pseudo-code from yesterday was translated into Arduino code, and after some massaging, it worked. Mostly. A 64-byte array for incoming integers was capped in the reading portion at 16 which meant that all the command strings more than 15 bytes, like "L900,255,255,255", were cut short. That particular string would have turned the last LED on the lower row to full-intensity white. Formatting also allows spaces in the command so "L0, 255, 0, 0" and "L0,255,0,0" do the same thing. In fact, any ASCII character outside the numbers and comma will be ignored so extra letters sprinkled in there would not hurt.

One of the rows, topmost in the picture, displayed colors in a warmer hue than the lower rows and it seemed to be a problem with the LED hardware. In gameplay, this may be distracting, but if it is a hardware problem, it will not follow to the next strip of lights. The opposite strip of LEDs had trouble maintaining consistency. It would change colors with each refresh, seemingly at random. Hopefully, this is not a memory allocation problem.

The top row is a warmer color, and the bottom row was glitchy

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