2019-08-20 (Tu) PillarGame

At the local surplus store, I picked up some old parts bins. Now they hold many of my microcontroller accessories, and they lock for easy transport. This is not directly related to PillarGame, but I am happy that materials I want quick access to, like shrink tube and header pins, will be easy to retrieve.
New storage bins

Enough background
Mounting screws were installed to hold a power strip at the bottom of the wooden base. Firmly mounting a current tap as opposed to running several cords to a nearby outlet reduces trouble when moving and it feels altogether sturdier.
Getting ready to mount a power strip

The five-volt power supply was finally unboxed. I decided to place it near the center of the base, near the floor. Here, the screws are protected, and it can rest a bit off the floor. Only three of the four mounting screws would reach the wooden base.
Mounted 5V power supply

I made a power cord for the supply by repurposing an old computer plug. To start, I cut IEC connector at one end, and the three wires inside were revealed and stripped. Each wireconductor landed on the line side, and it turned on successfully.
Wired 5V power supply

The power strip did not have an indicator light so to make sure I always knew when any voltage was present. I added a cheap USB supply with a spare LED reading light and labeled it "POWER ON" kind of as a joke. This part will be covered during operation.
USB power supply and reading light to make a power indicator

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