2019-08-24 (Sa) PillarGame

A scrap of DIN rail was donated by my work's shop to mount the power supply that was donated by my hackspace. Some industrial power supplies do not install with standard screws but require a mounting rail.
Power supply with DIN rail

The Arduino was mounted on the backside of the wooden base where its IO pins and USB port could be accessed without moving anything. This will replace the dangling Arduino Nano, which is visible in the picture.
Arduino Mega mounted on post

Wires on the foam brushes were replaced with larger gauge wire. This was also the first time I used a new butane soldering iron after a suggestion from another hacker. It heated quickly, the wireless operation was perfect for soldering away from my desk, and it was inexpensive.
New wires on foam brushes

All the power ran to a 6-position terminal strip. From there it went to motors and foam brushes. Adding components later should be simple with the screw terminals.
Load wires fastened

A USB port was installed near the Arduino Mega. This port takes power directly from the 5V power supply. It will be necessary when using the project as a clock and testing the Arduino in standalone mode. It can also charge a phone but there is no resistance on the data pins so smart devices will draw 500mA at most.
USB port for power

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