2019-09-24 (Tu) PillarGame

Much of the code for displaying a game could be copied from the clock. All the game mechanics would reside in the arcade controller. I did not want to get carried away and spend a month making a game, so this exercise may be limited to synchronizing rotation and a particular light on the pillar.

The first step was ensuring the arcade hardware was functioning and mapped to the appropriate parts of the program. For this test, the inputs printed their pin number and function. Of course, they were incorrect at first which could have been fixed by rearranging the pins, but it was set in the code.
Recognizing controller

A rudimentary program moved a light around using the joystick. If it went above the top helix, it jumped to the next revolution. The buttons changed the colors pseudo-randomly. One button tended to warmer tones, and the other button tended toward cooler ones. Nothing turned off the lights, so the tracked “avatar” left a trail of lights the same color and brightness but movement was possible.
Changing position and color

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