2019-11-01 (F) Weekly Summary

I had been building PillarGame months in anticipation of IoT Hack Day 2019, and we finally made it. There were some glitches in the plan, a small fire, unexpected repairs, but all that was expected. Yes. We had a team of nine folks with a near-perfect split of girls and boys. After judging, we won the grand prize of "Crowd Favorite."
Hackathon Team: Volcano of Doom

The EWC_Presenter's second faceplate needed some tweaks, but fewer than the first revision. One of the holes for the Arduino was misaligned, and another was unnecessary for the particular shield. There were two holes between the potentiometers, and only one was needed.
Issues and fixes on notes

The latest version of the faceplate fits everything. I decided to leave words off the engraving step. Etching words with the laser is not always legible in transparent material, and I will be adding labels later. If I ever use colored plastic or wood for the faceplate, I may reconsider adding words. The bottom layer was the same as the top except that all the internal cuts were removed.
New enclosure and bottom

The physical installation was done, so I installed wires between the MIDI shield and components. This time, I felt the conductors were run neater than my other projects since I kept them bundled and cut them as I was ready to solder everything in place.
Wired EWC_Presenter

I wrote a program to monitor changes in the inputs. I wrote the matrix keyboard scanner myself, but I feel like a library would have yielded better results. At the same time, I am happy that I understand how the code works, even if it was not optimized.
Registering button presses

Next, I wrote code to recognize the analog inputs. The potentiometers were not prone to drifting, so I did not spend time on a method to differentiate changes.
EWC_Presenter with Labels

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