2019-11-10 (Su) Electronic Badge for San Antonio B-Sides 2019BSidesBadge

Graphics on the sugar skull badge for B-Sides San Antonio were sloppy. This happened when a raster image was imported and converted by the online tool which over-simplified the lines. Vector graphics were uploaded that rendered accurately, but it took a few tries. Instead of being solid shapes, the vector graphics were all hollow line art. This had a different aesthetic.
PCB view

C00p3r liked the line art and ordered a few of the badges to test the circuit. We talked about color choices since purple was one color the organizers wanted, but it was not offered by EasyEDA, where the board was designed. He suggested that yellow might be a suitable substitute.
Front view

A bill of materials was assembled.
Back view

White was always desired, but with the line art model, it can also double as a coloring opportunity so folks with markers can personalize their flashing candy skull badge. Seeing the model rendered in 3D triggered my badge collecting instinct.
3D front view in white

Gerber files were downloaded from EasyEDA and uploaded to OSHPark, a fab house located in the USA which produced high-quality purple PCBs. They were considerably more expensive when only three were quoted.
View on OSHPark

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