2019-11-11 (M) Electronic Badge for San Antonio B-Sides 2019BSidesBadge

The folks in charge of B-Sides San Antonio did not care for the wireframe graphics and sent vector images of the sugar skull graphic. Despite the high resolution of the images, the level of detail allowed by the editing software and manufacturing was only so good. I imported four images with different settings and asked the organizers to choose their favorite. Certain details were clearer in one version but blurry or absent in others.
Graphic choices

The rest of the issues were functional. C2 had been drafted wrong due to my negligence and so the silkscreen indicated that assemblers should put it in backward.
Swapping C2

The most trouble issue was the footprint of the transistor. This was straightened out after triple-checking my work in the schematic and board layout.
Fixing the transistor footprint

While fixing the problematic B-Sides badge, I also fixed the same errors on the Grindfest badge and added a DEFCON graphic. Since the lights didn't do anything for the front graphic, I moved the LEDs to the eyes of the logo.
Grindfest/Defcon badge with resistor labels

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