2019-11-12 (Tu) Electronic Badge for San Antonio B-Sides 2019BSidesBadge

REV0.02 boards were on their way but the REV0.01 were handy so I pulled out a little trick to make use of them. Four colors was plenty to use for some fun.
Array of badges

This trick used fewer parts, but they were a bit more expensive. It still needed a battery holder and power, but the only other component was a pair of color-changing LEDs which are available on eBay and Amazon. They have a controller built in that cycles through the color spectrum with nothing more than power.
Parts for a makeshift color-changing badge

No other components were necessary so two leads from the transistor foot print were bridged which provided a path to ground for the LEDs.
Jumpered terminals for color-changing option on REV0.01

Color-changing LEDs draw power a little differently and when they activate red, the power draw changes and it's possible to draw power away from another LED. This can be eliminated by parsing out the power or just supplying enough power that each can have enough.
Extra-strength battery option

The differences between the AA-powered badge and coin cell-powered badge were stark.On the right is the badge running on AA while the coin cell badge is on the left. The left was unreliable, prone to resetting, and dim. The redeaming grace was that it was light and low-profile.
Light output with different battery options

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