2019-11-17 (Su) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC_Presenter

Yesterday, I made the project recognize serial commands to control the tempo of a soundscape but I also wanted to be able to control the speed through an external potentiometer. Perhaps this could be an oversized wheel somewhere that a person could twist and hear the difference in the code or a lever the height of a person that could be lifted to speed up the sound.
It was not possible to place a second potentiometer in parallel with the existing one, they would interfere with one another, so I had to create a new mode where the hardware would look at a different analog input, A2, for the speed setting. I had this code implemented, but I troubleshooting was not working because I forgot to tell the program to start activating the new stuff but after I sorted out my mistake, it worked well.

Pin A2 was accessible through the accessory port on the top of the board. I added a white label next to the port so I could reference which pins connected to the Arduino and where.
Adjusting intensity remotely

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