2019-11-23 (Sa) MIDIGlocken

I opened the glockenspiel to see what I was dealing with. All the screws on the bottom were ordinary Phillips head so I did not have to fight to get inside. Each note has a brightly colored lever for tossing the piston up. There is lots of space inside.
Key movement

Under each key is a captive steel piston that slides easily. The metal bar is held down with white plastic tabs at each end and rests on felt pads to allow vibration. The piston falls onto a foam ring, so its fall is dampened.
Plunger seat and position

On top of each piston was a foam cushion meant to absorb the blow from the lever/key hitting the piston. This had worn through on all of the keys, so I replaced the foam with new neoprene.
Replacement foam

I recorded a short video explaining the foam replacement and demonstrating the sound improvement by comparing an upgraded key with a worn-out key.
(0:50) Sound difference from new foam

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