2019-11-24 (Su) MIDIGlocken

I thought I would be constructing the automation portion by adding custom mallets to hobby servo motors. Still, I have an opportunity to make an instrument where the keys will appear the press themselves like an old player piano. The trick will be to install solenoids inside the enclosure. This method will still permit someone to play the glockenspiel with the keys.

A 12V supply was handy so I removed the coil and core from an open relay to try to get a small metal screw to jump at the steel core. One problem was that the coil was intended to run on 24V and it was only supposed to have enough power to draw a spring-loaded carriage, not attract metal from a distance.
Insufficient lifting power at 12V

My next subject was a rotary solenoid. The rotation might have made it easy to move levers, but it was another 24V device, and even with some finger pressure, I could not get usable movement.
No movement from rotary solenoid at 12V

While I was at the surplus store shopping for solenoids, I saw some small electromagnets with no markings. They were inexpensive, so I bought some in the hope they would work, and they had no trouble making a screw jump to the core when I applied 12V.
Effective magnetic strength

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