2019-11-30 (Sa) MIDIGlocken

I could not fit the rack of mounted solenoids into the case. The plastic sheet was too tall, and I should have measured when I put everything together. It would have been a lot easier to trim before I mounted the magnets. I wanted to try using a hot knife for cutting plastic. These attachments came with some of my butane soldering irons, so I tried the one with my Dremel. It was slow and sloppy working with thick plastic, but this will not be visible when installed, so I am not going to worry about it. I am glad to have the experience with a hot knife.
Cutting plastic with a hot knife

An audio frequency sensor app on my phone identified the glockenspiel's notes. They were whole notes starting at the sixth octave and ending on the seventh. If I map these to a MIDI device, I will need to know the note number so I can play them properly.
Frequency of notes

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