2019-12-07 (Sa) PhonoMug

All previous iterations of the PhonoMug were cut from plastic, and elasticity was a problem. This time, I cut one from 3/8" (9.5mm) thick plywood. One of the previous plastic sheets was prone to melting rather than vaporizing, so plastic flowed into the grooves and had to be recut. Wood does not do this. Acrylic shouldn't either.
Cutting pieces in wood

I did not make any drafting changes before printing this copy, only the material was different. Acrylic cuts neatly and leaves clean edges, but wood is rimmed with soot and smells smokey.
Hot off the press

All of the wood pieces needed to be sanded to get rid of the black ash. The hackspace has vibratory sanders, but I had never used them. It turns out that these were pretty magical devices. Each sander has a puck with a disc of sandpaper and a vacuum to there was no need to clean afterward. I was impressed by the tool.
Sanding down each part

I had a handful of bamboo skewers from the kitchen, so I clipped an inch (25mm) off three and arranged each tine, so there was a different length. This was not supposed to be a tuning process, just evidence of different frequencies.
Assembled PhonoMug

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