2019-12-31 (Tu) MIDIGlocken

I connected the addressable LEDs to both of the serial data pins. I wasn't sure I used the TX pin last time, so I tried both. Neither of them worked. I will replace the LEDs with a nameplate or something.

My next task was to read MIDI over the data port on the faceplate. There was a MIDI DIN port there so I could read a MIDI controller, like a piano or computer. Before I read any documentation on Arduino's SoftwareSerial library, I connected the incoming pin to A4, which was unlisted in the pins capable of utilizing interrupts. This could be a problem, but the other programming was so simple, it may not interfere.

I received some wonky-looking data the first time I sent MIDI to the input. Fortunately, it was repeatable. My code was lifted directly from the SoftwareSerial library and used "Serial.write," so I switched to "Serial.print," and instead of seeing arcane Unicode symbols, I saw integers. When I converted the integers to HEX, the data was exactly what I would expect from a MIDI device!
Screenshot of unformatted MIDI

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