2020-01-14 (Tu) ProjectHoneybee

The new board needed header pins, and since this hardware will not exist outside of my apartment in any meaningful way, I added long header pins that extend out the top and bottom. Tall components interfered with the header clearance, so I left a gap between the mounting plastic and the board. I had to look around at a few different resources to find which pins the ESP32 uses for I2C communication. Once I had a good guess, I connected my sensor board and controller and uploaded some sample code. At first, I did not get any feedback on the serial port, but the lights on the board lit up, so I figured I must be on the right track. I read through the code and changed a few things to help it work with my off-brand board, and reformatted the output text. The changes worked well, and I saw values that corresponded with expected readings when I put my finger over the sensor.
Live data from RB-IR sensor

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