2020-02-03 (M) ProjectHoneybee

I wanted to create a cover for the four directional buttons on the face, which was an idea I had early on, and it should give a little flare at a minimal cost. Plus, if the design does not pan out, the buttons can remain bare with no loss of functionality. It should sit above the switches on top of a standoff fastened to the board. The standoff should prevent more than two buttons from being pressed simultaneously.
OpenSCAD model

I made a model in OpenSCAD with a few lines of code. On the underside, there is a hidden screw hole. I will run a #4 wood screw up through a hole in the PCB as support. I may need to make the cover thinner.
Forty-five degree spin

My prints have still been coming out poorly, so this was also a chance to tune my printer. I changed the flow rate to 150%, the maximum, and it produced a heavy part with no visible gaps.
One printed topper

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